Trading highly sought after coins is best executed when the coins’ demands are at an all-time high. Most collectors wait a period of 10 plus years before they check trading opportunities. If possible any investor/collector will try to obtain other years and or mint mark associated with their series of collecting… For the best results, most record levels are seen during the next generation. For example, the well-known 1907 Ultra High Relief cows have been purchased a little over the spot price of gold. That coin in some of the lower grades is around $7,000 – $9,000.

Typically, the higher the demand, the higher the return. Over the past 5-10 years master collections have gained more attention than master pieces. Just imagine if you owned every Gold, Silver, and Platinum American Eagle in a PF70 and MS70. One might think it’s unrealistic, however if you started in acquiring these in the early 90’s it would have been a lot easier.

Time is money, so the more time one saves virtually the higher the demand and or premium. The longer you hold your portfolio the likelihood of underbidding taking place should decrease.